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Workplace Conflict Resolution can support your organisation towards developing a culture with a zero tolerance approach to bullying and harassment and full support of workplace harmony for all. Our training suite includes a range of preventive and proactive options that we tailor according the the workplace culture and current status of your organisation

Conflict Management and Communications Training

A 3-hour group training session that explores different types of conflict, the phases of conflict and possible dynamics of conflict. This exploration is done with reference to communication skills and...
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Leadership Training and Coaching

No matter where your organisation’s managers are on their leadership journey, our programs help them to set new benchmarks in success through improved levels of effectiveness...
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Workplace Bullying and Harassment Management and Training 

Do you know that employers, managers and employees could be held liable for acts of unlawful discrimination, harassment or bullying even if they were not directly involved in the actual...
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Ensure your business is meeting its obligations and enjoys the benefits of operating a harmonious and productive workplace.