Workplace Investigations – Interview with Kali Frost

In this interview I speak with....

Kali Frost

A HR professional who has offered to share her insights regarding workplace investigations

Summary of Kali's comments/insights:
  • Follow a process, not just in case you have to face the Fair Work Commission
  • Following a process ensure a good outcome for parties
  • Document everything, even if you have a verbal discussion. document this
  • A good process and outcome ensures staff are not disgruntled
  • Crucial to follow through after findings and be factual
  • Interview all key stakeholders to ensure factual investigation
  • You can still show understanding of situations regardless of the outcome
  • Staff need to understand where you come from, that HR have obligations and there are consequences for not following a process
Key take away tips from Kali:
  • Leaders to act as leaders, don't walk past the behaviours
  • Employees crave leaders who act
  • Be proactive
  • If you are out of your depth, or in a small department without capacity
    for the work, call in the professionals for training or investigations so a
    good outcome is ensured for everyone 
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