How to Use Gratitude to Uplift Your Work Day (and Those Around You)

How to Use Gratitude to Uplift Your Work Day (and Those Around You)

Below is a sample of some feedback received from a participant in a Resilience and Wellbeing workshop we conducted at their place of work. Knowing the impact it has on workplace harmony, we decided to create a resource that other readers could use (see below for details).

“Since attending the Workplace Harmony Solutions training on Resilience and Wellbeing, I have laminated my ‘above and below the line’ sheet [Gratitude Pad] and have it on my desk to look at during the day. It is a visual reminder to stop, breathe, think and then move forward with a positive outlook.

Looking at the sheet takes me back to the training session and reminds me to ‘work up and not down’. It reminds me to stay mindful and not be reactive in a negative way.

I stop and think about how my stress and bad mood might be affecting others. I don’t want to bring myself or other team members down so I make a decision to say something positive to bring myself and others ‘above the line’.

I focus on the words above the line and think:

What am I going to change today?
I’m a better person today.
I am thankful for…
My colleague actually writes on his laminated sheet to set his intentions for the day.

Thank you for delivering the training and providing us with this useful tool.”

If you’d like to make use of the Gratitude Pad for yourself or your colleagues, you can access a downloadable pdf of the pad and an audio user guide here.

The process to use the Gratitude Pad is very simple and, as you can see above, has a profound effect on your own wellbeing as well as those around you.

Studies cite the benefits of practicing an ‘attitude of gratitude’ as

  • Being less self centred and less materialistic
  • More empathetic towards others
  • More optimistic
  • Happier
  • More productive
  • More healthy – physically and psychologically
  • Improved sleep
  • Improved relationships
  • More resilient
  • Improved decision making
  • And more....

You can access the resource here and if you'd like details of the full Resilience and Wellbeing workshop, please contact us via email.

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