The learning journey is lifelong

As soon as we take our foot off the pedal in terms of looking for and learning from informal and formal learning opportunities and observing, reflecting and questioning our core character, actions, relationships and self-development – we stop growing. The gap between who we think we are and how others perceive us widens. Eventually, as this gap broadens, our career and leadership progression opportunities become limited. Take a moment to reflect on your learning journey. Are you stuck in a rut?

When we are working in management positions, we are busy with our own tasks and overseeing those who directly report to us as well as negotiating and working with those ‘above’ us who we need to influence for favour. Because the ‘busyness’ of our work is mostly about technical aspects specific to the industry or business sector we are in, we most often seek information about skill sets and technical knowledge that are required for problem solving in the immediate future and will assist with career development and promotion in the longer term.

Unfortunately we are less likely to seek information about development of self and our interpersonal skills that really are the base requirement for successful development of leadership skills. What training have you participated in recently for development of leadership skills? Have you completed a 360 degree profiling tool, experienced a great coaching program or learnt about advanced communication and negotiation?

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About the Author

Catherine Gillespie brings a wealth of skill to her clients. With particular expertise in teaching communication and workplace conflict resolution skills, Catherine has made a marked difference to the organisations she has worked with. She empowers teams and managers to adopt constructive styles that support harmony, productivity and progress in the workplace.

We regret to advise that Catherine Gillespie, the company founder, passed away on June 1st 2024, as a result of an accident If you are enquiring about our services, please note that we will not be able to take on any new projects. If you have a current work in progress, please contact us via email for additional information and next steps.