Communication Tips

Would your workplace benefit from improved communication? A series of tips which can be shared with staff over a number of weeks to help keep the topic of effective communication at the forefront of everyone’s minds.

"I so much enjoy your emails, and for some reason they arrive at the most appropriate time when I am trying to convey the message to a Manager or supervisor as to their communication style or managing a difficult discussion. Love this one on communication, will most certainly share it with some of the people I work with who would benefit from the tips. Once again, thank you." -  People & Culture Business Partner - Bolton Clarke


Above The Line Below The Line

A quick visualisation of the differences between professional and unprofessional behaviours/actions with encouragement for staff (by suggesting strategies) to reflect on their behaviour and mood and move from below to above the line.


A succinct reminder for staff that for EVERY conversation, they should T.H.I.N.K. before they speak.

The Gift Of 5 Minutes

A permission slip for staff to gift themselves 5 minutes of self-care as well as encouraging them to gift 5 minutes of their undivided attention to someone else.

Mediation Preparation Video thumbnail

Online Mediation Preparation Video

This video explains how to prepare for your online mediation and to be ready and focused for the mediation process to begin.


Poster Pack

A set of 4 posters to be used displayed in the workplace to create discussion in toolbox talks or team meetings and support staff to speak up if they experience or see inappropriate workplace behaviours.

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