Profiling Tools

metaphor profiling tools

At Workplace Harmony Solutions we use a range of profiling tools to support the work we do in the leadership and culture change arenas.

This variety allows our certified consultants to give our clients insights into team culture and preferences at the individual, team and organisational levels. As well as giving an indication of the current status of a team or team member, the tools provide direction with respect to changes needed to create a harmonious and efficient team.

Ensure your business enjoys the benefits of operating a harmonious and productive workplace.

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We regret to advise that Catherine Gillespie, the company founder, passed away on June 1st 2024, as a result of an accident If you are enquiring about our services, please note that we will not be able to take on any new projects. If you have a current work in progress, please contact us via email for additional information and next steps.