LinkedIn for internal HR spring cleaning


Organisations are now starting to use LinkedIn as a recruitment tool – a cost effective method that cuts out the recruitment company costs. However, prospective employees are also using LinkedIn to vet your organisation and in particular the manager and colleagues they could be working for. Guy Kawasaki promotes this method on his blog page encouraging job seekers to avoid working for a bad boss.

So organisations and their managers are being ‘checked out’ using LinkedIn.

What if HR did its own LinkedIn search on managers within the organisation? Would this search reveal why employees are leaving and new ones need to be found? Or why someone who interviews well and is offered the position turns down the offer? (Other types of social media tools could also provide interesting information here too.)

Organisations spend a lot of money on recruitment and engagement processes/strategies because they know of the huge financial and other costs involved in replacing and retraining staff and the drain in morale when there is big ‘churn over’ in a business unit or team.

However all this effort is in vain if HR can’t weed out the bad bosses who are causing conflict with individuals and their teams and whose behaviour fuels this ‘churn over’. To help find the bad bosses in an organisation, HR could follow the list designed byDr Bob Sutton and Guy Kawasaki and aptly titled: ’10 signs that your future boss is likely to be an asshole” from the book ‘The No Asshole Rule’.

Dr Bob Sutton states “The No Asshole Rule emphasizes that one of the best ways to avoid the negative effects of workplaces that will leave you feeling demeaned and de-energized is to carefully assess your boss and colleagues during the interview and recruitment process.”

No prizes for guessing that if one or more of your managers doesn’t pass the test set out in the book then staff in that team are most likely feeling demeaned, de-energised and unsatisfied and are probably looking for another job – so get ready for another round of recruitment!

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