Leadership And The Trickle Down Effect Of Culture On Your Organisation

Leadership And The Trickle Down Effect Of Culture On Your Organisation

What if the Board and Senior Management/Executives really knew what the culture of the organisation was like – not just globally but at individual team levels?

What if the Board and Senior Management at Executive level and were acutely aware of exactly how the culture was impacting on the ability of staff to deliver on or fulfill their individual role in the business?

What if the Board and Senior Management at Executive level were acutely aware of how ultimately the total sum of each employee’s individual efforts was impacting on the success of the business?

Do you think the Board and Senior Management might say – ‘Crikey! We had better do something about culture quick smart’?

The effects of real and perceived workplace bullying radiates up and down the whole organisation (impacting on culture, morale, productivity, team work, absenteeism and presenteeism). The culture in one team does not stay within that team – it infects individuals in other teams as well as impacting on customer service and staff interactions with external stakeholders. It affects loyalty, rates of theft and fraud, levels of non-compliance and what we tell others including what we share via social media.

Staff are the best advertisement for and advocates of the business they work in. When staff are disgruntled, what are they telling others both internally and externally, either directly or via non-verbal cues?


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Authentic Awareness Among Leaders

Edmond Walsh and Carol Wong led a study to assess the relationship between a manager’s authentic leadership and workplace bullying. Their study showed a direct relationship between a manager’s leadership awareness and the prevalence of bullying in the workplace.

Walsh stated, ‘Managers are well positioned to positively influence workplaces. Leading in an authentic way may help create a work environment where bullying behaviours are unsustainable’. He explained ‘Authentic leadership’ as ‘a back to basic approach to leadership that emphasises building legitimacy through honest relationships with followers. Generally, authentic leaders have a self-awareness of their own strengths, weaknesses and values; an openness to opposing viewpoints and fair minded consideration of them; a willingness to share their own thoughts and beliefs; and a positive ethical foundation.’

Self-Awareness is a very important characteristic of authentic leadership. So too are competencies of Confidence, Resilience, Self-Actualisation, Relationship Building, Empathy, Self-Control, Adaptability and Optimism.

Leadership Development – Assess Then Act

Workplace Harmony Solutions recognises the impact leadership in a business has on the culture and productivity of any workplace. This is why our leadership development programs include the use of a self and 360 degree profiling tool and Executive Coaching methodologies that address the above listed core competencies of authentic leadership.

Make a positive impact on culture and challenge the Board to participate in our leadership development program. Should they and/or the Senior Executive team do so, there will be immediate recognition by themselves and all staff in the business that one large, positive step forward has been taken on the change journey.

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