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Leadership Coaching

Workplace Harmony Solutions supports managers and leaders of organisations that recognise the need to improve their own performance through coaching from a professional coach, independent of the machinations of the organisation and qualified to provide support, insights and performance improvement.  Coaching sessions may also be required as a performance management tool to improve management of staff or as a way to reinforce workplace policies that have not been adhered to, or correctly metered out to staff, by leaders.

What is an Executive Laser Coach?
An Executive Laser Coach (ELC) is a qualified professional who works with individuals in tight, time-bound bursts, to help 'the Coachee' gain self-awareness and deeper insight into a single workplace issue at a time, such that a feasible solution becomes more evident and a quicker and better decision can be made about that issue. 

The Executive Laser Coach guides and encourages the Coachee to make an action-orientated decision with clear goals to help enhance the achievement of the desired outcome. 

The sole focus of the Executive Laser Coach is to assist the Coachee to be able to quickly 'declutter' their mind to unlock the potential of the Coachee to 'see' the solution.

A successful ELC does not need to be an industry expert - just an expert ELC!

What is Executive Coaching Services?

Executive coaching is a professional service that provides a platform for the Coachee to gain improved focus, goal setting and workplace achievements. Through a series of agreed sessions, these coaching sessions provide sustained behavioural change within the workplace with support in relation to specific skills leaders may wish to learn to improve upon.

What you will receive

At the commencement of the engagement the Coach has a discussion with the Coachee's direct manager about the scope of the coaching program including the areas of focus for the coaching program to assist in the development of the Coachee's leadership and management. The Direct Manager is invited to participate in a preliminary phone call with the Coach to discuss this scope.

In agreement with the organisation, the coachee receives:

  • A two (2) hour introductory session with the Coach with the purpose of the first session is to be clear about the scope of the coaching program and the desired outcomes, to explain the current situation, discuss preferred outcomes and determine a plan going forward including actions to be taken by the Coachee.
  • An agreed number of one (1) hour sessions  in which the Coachee is able to seek advice, be offered feedback and experience a coaching model that will facilitate discussion, reflection, skill building, confidence and learning to enhance potential and maximise effectiveness.
  • Each session will include reflections and learnings from previous actions/situations and application of strategies from the previous coaching session and discussion and agreement around future action items, using the Direct Manager’s scoping document as a framework.
  • The use of a profiling tool (link to profiling tools on website) to provide self and 360 degree feedback for the Coachee. If a profiling tool has been offered to the employee and approved by their Manager, the first two (2) hour coaching session will include an introduction to the profiling tool. A further two (2) hour session will be arranged once the profiling tool assessment has been completed to enable an in-depth review and discussion of the profiling tool results.
  • The Coach will, directly after each coaching session, provide the Coachee (via email) with a summary of that recent coaching session inviting them to email back a response that includes their own overview as well as answers to questions provoking reflection on choices for change (including developing an action plan, analysing its success, and options for re-evaluation, planning and implementation).

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