Having the Necessary Conversation – Interview with Michael Sims

In this interview I speak with…

Michael Sims

Currently: Academic Lead, University of Tasmania

In the discipline of Agriculture and Food Systems in conjunction with the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture

Some of Michael’s take away top tips:

  • Having effective communication skills are crucial in dynamic environments with lots of distractions
  • The Coach (Leader/Manager) is a role model and needs to prepare for the conversation and set the right tone
  • The aim of the conversation is to seek minor adjustments by giving, seeking and receiving feedback
  • The participant knows in advance this is a feedback opportunity
  • The participant knows in advance that 3 questions will be asked:
    • What are we doing well?
    •  What should we stop doing?
    • What can we do more of?
  • Make it simple – the participant is in a dynamic environment with a lot of happening for them
  • Participants don’t always hear the message
  • Allow the participant to self identify and to contribute. They have suggestions, ideas and something to offer
  • Get their buy-in to the process and the agreed outcomes
  • Allow the participant to have some autonomy to make adjustments to the agreed outcomes because the environment in which they have to apply the agreed outcomes is a dynamic one

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