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What is an Executive Laser Coach?
An Executive Laser Coach (ELC) is a qualified professional who works with individuals in tight, time-bound bursts, to help 'the Coachee' gain self-awareness and deeper insight into a single workplace issue at a time, such that a feasible solution becomes more evident and a quicker and better decision can be made about that issue. 

The Executive Laser Coach guides and encourages the Coachee to make an action-orientated decision with clear goals to help enhance the achievement of the desired outcome. 

The sole focus of the Executive Laser Coach is to assist the Coachee to be able to quickly 'declutter' their mind to unlock the potential of the Coachee to 'see' the solution.

A successful ELC does not need to be an industry expert - just an expert ELC!

Catherine Gillespie

What you will receive:

  • Unlimited x 15 minute 1:1 Executive Laser Coaching sessions, during business hours and closest to the times when you need support
  • Six months of Executive Laser Coaching
  • Delivered via Zoom video conference or telephone with the option for you to record the session (if on Zoom)
  • Access to an expert ELC who has developed skills built from years of applied experience supported by high-end professional development
  • A solution-orientated, decision-focussed discussion for you to gain clarity on the action you will then implement in the work environment
  • A simple template on which to capture the discussed action plan/outcome and then track progress
  • Access to email communication with the ELC at anytime between sessions  
  • Access to other Workplace Harmony Solutions and Workplace Conflict Resolution services at a discounted rate, including profiling tools designed to enhance your self awareness, leadership competencies and personal growth opportunities. (Note: profiling tools are only offered when the Coachee enters into the extended Executive Coaching Program consisting of multiple 1:1 x 1 hr sessions) 

You can book your laser coaching session below.

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