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“We have had some really fantastic feedback on the Performance Management Leadership Module. This feedback has come back to me, to other Exec Managers, as well as to the Executive Director (CEO). A couple of the participants have apparently described it as a ‘revelation’. This program is a critical part of our L&D strategy, our strategy to expand our leadership capability and our strategy to reduce the number of significant IR issues in the organisation. It looks like it’s working! We have retained a coach to work from our staff to help ensure that the skills you are imparting are translated into changed behaviour back in the business. The CEO has not only approved this but has been a major driver of it, and he would not have been had the feedback not been so positive. Thank you again for your hard work on our behalf. You have really delivered on these modules.”

St John of God Social Outreach

Theresa Smith


“Your presentation was incredibly well received and you were one of the three most highly rated speaker at the congress. The audience were delighted to have the opportunity to share their thoughts and concerns around your topic and found the content of your presentation extremely interesting.”

St John of God Social Outreach

     Aaron Gay,  Conference Director


We engaged the services of WPHS to deliver 4 leadership models to Leisure Networks in 2019. The four topics cover bullying and harassment in the workplace, creating a positive culture, performance management and emotional intelligence.

Matt Connell has commenced the training with bullying and harassment in the workplace which was held at the start of May. It was a great morning and the team were engaged with Matt's presentation and information he was sharing with us.

As the Manager for People and Culture, it is always heartening to hear and receive positive feedback from any training we provide for our staff. Some of the feedback we have received from this training has been:

Many thanks, Matt. Although you prefaced this topic as ‘dry’, is certainly wasn’t. You are very engaging.

  • Looking forward to working with Matt for the next 3 sessions
  • A great group discussion and very appropriate level of content for the group.
  • The time flew by so I felt very engaged with the discussions.
  • Time to reflect on behaviour in my team. How important having 'conversation' when issues present quickly and effectively makes a huge difference

Thank you Matt for this first session and we are all looking forward to the rest of the year.

     Pip Jankowski, Head of People Culture 

Leisure Networks

“Catherine recently provided a series of leadership programs across our organisation. Catherine’s energy and engaging approach resulted in strong participation from our staff. Catherine provided some valuable tools for our leaders,as well as ongoing support for participants where necessary. Her adaptable approach and desire to address issues was evident in the planning and delivery of the program. I would have no hesitations in recommending Catherine and her team to other organisations seeking her insights and support.”

Denis Byrne


“The team facilitation day for me, my team and my business has laid the foundation for success both in the immediate and the longer term. The team has worked through some barriers that have undermined our ability to work together, but more importantly have developed skills to use with each other and with all other members of the team to make sure we do the best job we can. The dollar cost of effective team facilitation is well outweighed by the very real financial benefits that a thriving team can deliver, and the cost of failing to engage with a process like this is far bigger than the bottom line of the invoice.

To the facilitator's individual credit, she was able to very effectively identify barriers and issues to make sure everything was addressed in the right way, at the right time, with the right people, with courtesy and respect (and firmness when needed). This has been a particular strength in your approach that is fundamental to your success, in my opinion.

I do look forward to working with you again, but not in crisis management next time - some team-based education is something I'd like to pursue."

Business Owner of multiple Medical Practices,

throughout New South Wales

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