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"Catherine recently delivered Leadership development training to our organisation and it has already shown incredible value to us. The training was tailored to our needs and industry. Catherine and Elizabeth made sure the process was seamless. The content of the sessions were not only tailored to the modules we required but prior to each session Catherine would make contact with HR to ensure that the module addressed the requirements and difficulties the organisation was facing. The training was 100% accurate to our industry which meant Catherine knew some of the pressures the organisation faces. Catherine’s delivery was relatable, honest and made overcoming barriers a simple process. Through this training our staff gained the tools to be not only leaders but also to take control of workplace behaviours and culture. Because of this training we have had 3 staff member apply for a leadership position and given another current leader the confidence in their Leadership skills and ability. Thank you Workplace Harmony Solutions."

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Kali Frost,
HR Manager


"Catherine’s coaching has made a profound impact on both my professional and personal life. Catherine always manages to show me opportunities in every challenge, effectively helps me replacing stressors with motivation. She taught me how to resolve every conflict starting with the right intention. I feel motivated and more confident after every session with Catherine. I love how Catherine does her coaching with all of her heart and highly recommend Catherine for conflict management and personal development coaching."

City of Parramatta

Hannah Le,
Business Manager


“St John of God Social Outreach has been present in Timor-Leste since 2004, starting with a pathology development program. In 2008, an analysis of the nursing services at the national hospital in Dili indicated that a development program in nursing would also be beneficial to the health services of this small young south east asian country. The nursing program started in earnest in 2010 and as early as 2012 it was identified that developing the leadership and management skills of nurse managers, and in fact, all healthcare managers would assist greatly in improving services.

A leadership and management course is now about to begin this year, and we have been very fortunate to have the assistance of Catherine Gillespie as an external consultant. Catherine recently spent some time with the project team in Dili and offered some great insight to our program, identifying key areas for focus and helping us with the adaptation of developed content to better meet the needs of the participants."

St John of God Social Outreach

Dave Ramsay,
Program Manager


“Catherine facilitated a fantastic program for key managers within our Operations team. The program was well structured, engaging and really met the needs of our business providing our managers with useful tools and strategies to assist them to resolve conflict in a practical way. We would certainly recommend this program for any managers, particularly those in a fast paced retail environment.”

St John of God Social Outreach

Robyn Batson,
Group People &
Development Manager


"I recently completed the Roche Martin ECR profiling with Catherine. I really enjoyed my self-assessment and found this a challenging but extremely rewarding process. The 360 review from my peers was eye opening and gave me a valuable insight into the difference between how I feel and how I am perceived. These insights are being used in my performance planning to improve my skills and performance. Catherine was extremely knowledgeable throughout the process and provided a great breakdown of my results along with realistic strategies to work on areas I’d like to improve. I highly recommend the Roche Martin ECR profiling tool to anyone who has the opportunity."


Statutory Water Authority

"I wish our time together would never end! Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and for your generosity."

Exectuvie Coaching Participant

“Catherine provided a series of leadership programs across our organisation. Her energy and engaging approach resulted in strong participation from our staff and provided some valuable tools for our leaders, as well as ongoing support for participants where necessary. Her adaptable approach and desire to address issues was evident in the planning and delivery of the program. I would have no hesitation in recommending the WPCR team to other organisations seeking insights and support.”

St John of God Social Outreach

Denis Byrne,
Director of Mission


“We have had some really fantastic feedback on the Performance Management Leadership Module. This feedback has come back to me, to other Exec Managers, as well as to the Executive Director (CEO). A couple of the participants have apparently described it as a ‘revelation’. This program is a critical part of our L&D strategy, our strategy to expand our leadership capability and our strategy to reduce the number of significant IR issues in the organisation. It looks like it’s working! We have retained a coach to work from our staff to help ensure that the skills you are imparting are translated into changed behaviour back in the business. The CEO has not only approved this but has been a major driver of it, and he would not have been had the feedback not been so positive. Thank you again for your hard work on our behalf. You have really delivered on these modules.”

St John of God Social Outreach

Theresa Smith


“We were very satisfied with the quality of service we received from WPCR. Catherine in particular really engaged with our business and built trust with senior managers to support us during a critical assignment."

St John of God Social Outreach

      Harriet Mihalopoulos,   General Manager, Human Resources & Industrial                             Relations


“The team facilitation day for me, my team and my business has laid the foundation for success both in the immediate and the longer term. The team has worked through some barriers that have undermined our ability to work together, but more importantly have developed skills to use with each other and with all other members of the team to make sure we do the best job we can. The dollar cost of effective team facilitation is well outweighed by the very real financial benefits that a thriving team can deliver, and the cost of failing to engage with a process like this is far bigger than the bottom line of the invoice.

To the facilitator's individual credit, she was able to very effectively identify barriers and issues to make sure everything was addressed in the right way, at the right time, with the right people, with courtesy and respect (and firmness when needed). This has been a particular strength in your approach that is fundamental to your success, in my opinion.

I do look forward to working with you again, but not in crisis management next time - some team-based education is something I'd like to pursue."

Business Owner of multiple Medical Practices,

throughout New South Wales

“I have really enjoyed and feel I have gained a lot through participating; so thank you for running such an excellent program. I feel that some significant inroads have been made into the connections and ongoing peer relations amongst the managers present which is a great outcome.”

St John of God Social Outreach

           Deborah Kottek, Director of Mission


"On behalf of RAPP Australia Pty Ltd, we just wanted to say thank you very much for a professional presentation/seminar. Everyone has been very positive with the seminar and how you presented it, and they all would be more than happy for you to come back for future seminars.”

St John of God Social Outreach

      Roger Buckle,  Managing Director


“Thank you for the “in the moment” seminar. It has helped me understand with clarity exactly what I need to do and when (i.e. now).”

St John of God Social Outreach

      Penelope Campbell,    B.Bus, MAHRI

Penelope Campbell, B.Bus, MAHRI

“Thank you for an excellent training session with the executive team – feedback received has been excellent. The content and forum were highly appropriate and was very much appreciated by my fellow colleagues.”

St John of God Social Outreach

     Muriel Marczynski,  Director, People; Culture and Information


“Your presentation was incredibly well received and you were one of the three most highly rated speaker at the congress. The audience were delighted to have the opportunity to share their thoughts and concerns around your topic and found the content of your presentation extremely interesting.”

St John of God Social Outreach

     Aaron Gay,  Conference Director


"I cant thank your professional team enough for your support and effective mentoring program for senior management. From the initial inquiry the response was timely, structured with agreed outcomes for all. Mentoring and being a Mentee, can be a personally and professionally challenging process but one worth doing if done well! Will definitely engage your services again. Tricia Hughes, Chief Executive Officer."


     Tricia Hughes, Chief Executive Officer at Massage and Myotherapy Australia

Myotherapy Australia

We engaged the services of WPHS to deliver 4 leadership models to Leisure Networks in 2019. The four topics cover bullying and harassment in the workplace, creating a positive culture, performance management and emotional intelligence.

Matt Connell has commenced the training with bullying and harassment in the workplace which was held at the start of May. It was a great morning and the team were engaged with Matt's presentation and information he was sharing with us.

As the Manager for People and Culture, it is always heartening to hear and receive positive feedback from any training we provide for our staff. Some of the feedback we have received from this training has been:

Many thanks, Matt. Although you prefaced this topic as ‘dry’, is certainly wasn’t. You are very engaging.

  • Looking forward to working with Matt for the next 3 sessions
  • A great group discussion and very appropriate level of content for the group.
  • The time flew by so I felt very engaged with the discussions.
  • Time to reflect on behaviour in my team. How important having 'conversation' when issues present quickly and effectively makes a huge difference

Thank you Matt for this first session and we are all looking forward to the rest of the year.

     Pip Jankowski, Head of People Culture 

Leisure Networks

"Catherine has previously come out and done some training with us in relation to Above the Line and Below the Line behaviours. During this training she handed out the Above the Line Below the Line pads. We were wondering if we could get some more of these pads – they are a fantastic resource and we use them when we are having discussions with staff"


     Monica Kacela, Human Resources Manager

Penola Catholic College

"I so much enjoy your emails, and for some reason they arrive at the most appropriate time when I am trying to convey the message to a Manager or supervisor as to their communication style or managing a difficult discussion.

Love this one on communication, will most certainly share it with some of the people I work with who would benefit from the tips.

Once again, thank you."

Bolton and Clarke

    Marie Haddow, People & Culture Business Partner

Bolton Clarke

"LSI Profiling and training to the AAMT Board was delivered professionally with implementable outcomes."  


              Tricia Hughes, CEO


"I was extremely satisfied with the quality of WPCR's service. The outcomes exceeded my expectations: the coaching program was responsive, flexible and tailored to need, and their staff are approachable." 

              Coaching participant, 2016

"Thanks Catherine for the session. I left the session, feeling much more relaxed about the work issues and feeling like I now know the way forward and have some tangible strategies to put into action to assist me to achieve the outcomes."

Executive Coaching participant, 2019

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