The Necessary Conversation – Interview with Lincoln

In this interview I speak with…
Lincoln an employee who has offered to share his insights about the ‘Necessary Conversation’ from an employee perspective.

Summary of Lincoln’s comments/insights:
It’s important in the conversation for the employee to have:
Ownership of the decisions made
The ability to contribute and express their insights, desires and concerns

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When to Engage an Accredited Mediator – Interview with Matt Connell

In this interview I speak with… Matt Connell. Currently: General Manager People & Culture Multicultural Community Services Geelong.

Some of Matt’s take away top tips:
Appreciating the skills of an Accredited Mediator:

There is a difference between formal mediation and ‘having a chat’ with a staff member Being able to have a structured conversation as part of a formal conflict resolution approach
The ability to listen effectively

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Having the Necessary Conversation – Interview with Michael Sims

In this interview I speak with…
Michael Sims. Currently: Academic Lead, University of Tasmania

In the discipline of Agriculture and Food Systems in conjunction with the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture

Some of Michael’s take away top tips:
Having effective communication skills are crucial in dynamic environments with lots of distractions
The Coach (Leader/Manager) is a role model and needs to prepare for the conversation and set the right tone

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