Bridging The Gap Between Study and Work

Bridging The Gap Between Study and Work

At the end of last year I was honoured to be invited to sit on a panel for the University of Melbourne Graduate Student Association ‘Mind The Gap’ event, part of a program to help students bridge the gap between study and work. Other panel members included recruitment experts who outlined measures students could take to give themselves an advantage over other applicants in a recruitment situation.

All of us on the panel were in agreement that technical mastery of a subject was secondary to the people skills of an applicant, thus graduates who can demonstrate good communication and teamwork practices are more ’employable’ than those who don’t, even if they have great technical skills or subject matter expertise.

This is an important message, not just for graduates but also for those already in the workforce. Good communication and teamwork can of course be taught though so if the team dynamic is falling short in your business, or perhaps if you are on-boarding graduates currently, we’d be glad to discuss training and coaching options with your management and leadership team. 

The short video below demonstrates some of the energy and insights from the event.

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