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Creating a Positive Organisational Culture: The Role of Leadership & HR

Workplace culture directly influences the success of a business. A positive workplace culture is characterised by respect and high levels of employee engagement. This has the ability to contribute directly to a culture of high performance, innovation and creativity. A positive workplace culture also results in lower absenteeism and less staff turnover. This means that high […]

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How do you manage someone you don’t like?

How do you manage someone you don’t like?       Richard Feloni wisely states ‘Don’t let personalities influence the way you manage’. So goes the saying – ‘Like attract like’. It is easy for a manager to build rapport, feel comfortable with and ‘get along’ with employees of similar personality. Without conscious thought, friendships develop and start […]

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Your Stressed Employee May Not be Suitable For The Job

Do you have an employee that is finding it stressful to fulfill their tasks and performance obligations? Very often, when an employee claims that their work tasks or expected performance standards are causing them stress, employers tend to panic and immediately look at modifying their duties to avoid a claim for stress under the workers […]

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The learning journey is lifelong

As soon as we take our foot off the pedal in terms of looking for and learning from informal and formal learning opportunities and observing, reflecting and questioning our core character, actions, relationships and self-development – we stop growing. The gap between who we think we are and how others perceive us widens. Eventually, as […]

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LinkedIn for internal HR spring cleaning


Organisations are now starting to use LinkedIn as a recruitment tool – a cost effective method that cuts out the recruitment company costs. However, prospective employees are also using LinkedIn to vet your organisation and in particular the manager and colleagues they could be working for. Guy Kawasaki promotes this method on his blog page […]

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‘Having the right people in the right seats on the bus’ – TMS Profiling at Work

Having the right people in the right seats on the bus – TMS Profiling at Work

In a Business Review Weekly edition (BRW May 5 – 11, 2011 page 14), Michael Sherlock, co-founder of Brumby’s Bakeries explained how profiling and feedback improved the Executive Team’s performance. This Executive Team completed the Team Management Systems (TMS) ‘Types of Work’ and ‘Team Performance’ Profiles with feedback being provided via a 5000 word report […]

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