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Leadership Training And Coaching 

The leadership training and development journey is rewarding and fruitful when we have high levels of self-awareness and there is a system of accountability and support for achievement in place.

No matter where your organisation’s managers are on their leadership journey, our programs help them to set new benchmarks in success through improved levels of effectiveness.

Material covered in a Workplace Harmony Solutions leadership training program is determined after discussion but can include some or all of the following components:

  • Resilience
  • Change management
  • Role clarification
  • Professional workplace relationships (including professional boundaries)
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Complaints handling
  • Performance management processes (formal and informal)
  • Conflict management, including working with difficult or aggressive staff/clients
  • ‘Above the line’ ‘below the line’ management behaviours
  • Prevention of unlawful discrimination, bullying and harassment
  • Addressing incidents of inappropriate behaviour ‘in the moment’
  • Complaints handling
  • and more

Depending on the needs of your business our leadership programs can be delivered in a half-day or full-day format or an extended interactive program incorporating ‘homework’ and one-on-one leadership coaching. Our intensive programs also include a final report submitted to the CEO outlining the progress and achievements of each participant in relation to their leadership development.

For more details please call us on 1300 227 901 or email us directly. We look forward to your contact and to strengthening leadership in your business.

“Thank you for your wonderful contribution to the hospital culture this year.”

Jayne Boyle, Director of Nursing & Clinical Services


“Catherine recently provided a series of leadership programs across our organisation. Catherine’s energy and engaging approach resulted in strong participation from our staff. Catherine provided some valuable tools for our leaders,as well as ongoing support for participants where necessary. Her adaptable approach and desire to address issues was evident in the planning and delivery of the program. I would have no hesitations in recommending Catherine and her team to other organisations seeking her insights and support.”

Denis Byrne


“We have had some really fantastic feedback on the Performance Management Leadership Module. This feedback has come back to me, to other Exec Managers, as well as to the Executive Director (CEO). A couple of the participants have apparently described it as a ‘revelation’. This program is a critical part of our L&D strategy, our strategy to expand our leadership capability and our strategy to reduce the number of significant IR issues in the organisation. It looks like it’s working! We have retained a coach to work from our staff to help ensure that the skills you are imparting are translated into changed behaviour back in the business. The CEO has not only approved this but has been a major driver of it, and he would not have been had the feedback not been so positive. Thank you again for your hard work on our behalf. You have really delivered on these modules.”

Theresa Smith


“I have really enjoyed and feel I have gained a lot through participating; so thank you for running such an excellent program. I feel that some significant inroads have been made into the connections and ongoing peer relations amongst the managers present which is a great outcome.”

Deborah Kottek, Director of Mission


“Catherine recently facilitated a fantastic one day program for key managers within our Operations team. The program was well structured, engaging and really met the needs of our business providing our managers with useful tools and strategies to assist them to resolve conflict in a practical way. We would certainly recommend this program for any managers, particularly those in a fast paced retail environment.”

Robyn Batson Group People and Development Manager


Thank you for an excellent training session this week with the executive team – feedback received has been excellent. The content and forum were highly appropriate and was very much appreciated by my fellow colleagues.”

Muriel Marczynski Director, People & Culture and Information Management Corporate Services


Ensure your business enjoys the benefits of operating a harmonious and productive workplace.

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