B1G1 Workplace Harmony Solutions

Imagine a world full of giving where each of us, through our transactions with small businesses can share the joy of having and giving by the redirection of a small percentage of the work invoiced as a donation to high impact projects from carefully selected charities.

Workplace Harmony Solutions Pty Ltd and Workplace Conflict Resolution Pty Ltd are driven by a sense of caring for the well being of people and the success of businesses. We have a desire to serve each organisation as a whole – the business and it’s people. And it is this sense of caring and serving that has seen us join forces with B1G1.

Hover your mouse over the markers on the map below to see the impacts our giving has made.​

B1G1 makes it possible for us and our clients to create a great positive impact on the lives of those less fortunate.

By engaging our services, your business can join us in making a difference. We’ll let you know which charity we have donated to with money from your invoice when we send you a ‘thank you’ certificate.

Join us as we strive to truly enrich the lives of others through working with people in your organization and making a donation to charities endorsed by B1G1.